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应该是绵羊Ellie Goulding的成名曲《LIGHTS》吧,上了去年元旦时代广场跨年演唱会的。 歌词如下: I had a way then 我曾记得一条路 losing it all on my own 可我迷失了 I had a heart then 我曾有过一颗心 but the queen has been overthrown ...

Alone -Alan Walker

求采纳 Please Don't Go Lyrics Joel Adams Now please don't go Most nights I hardly sleep when I'm alone Now please don't go, oh no I think of you whenever I'm alone So please don't go Cause I don't ever wanna know Don't ever wan...

We Tango Alone 歌手:In-Grid(意大利) Na na na Give me your love na na na Come and talk a while to me Cause I've been watching you get closer Come and tell me what you feel Cause every time you're near it's so real Come and sh...

I know I'm not alone. 翻译为: 我知道我并不孤单。

歌名叫500 Miles?innocence mission唱的?你听一下。 When I wake up yeah I know Im gonna be Im gonna be the man who wakes up next to you When I go out yeah I know Im gonna be Im gonna be the man who goes along with you If I get d...

yes im sorry for breaking your heartim sorry for turning my back when you needed me...im so sorry babyim alone...sooo alone..and time just keep ...

I'm feeling so alone. 意思是:我感觉好孤单。



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